Interested in expanding your knowledge of neuroimaging in population science?

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Psychology 2471
Mapping Human Brain Connectivity Technology Basic Research and Clinical Applications ; Walt Schneider

Psychology 2575
Topics in Health Psychology: Neuroimaging

Go to “Learn/Courses” closer to the bottom.


Alzheimer’s Association
Search “Neuroimaging PIA” and you’ll come across at least two neuroimaging analysis related results

Functional MRI Visiting Fellowship: A five-day intensive introduction

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Publications and Commentary from Briana Sprague

Publications and Commentary from Briana Sprague

Check out Briana Sprague’s recent publications and commentary she wrote for The Lancet Age- and time-varying associations between subjective health and episodic memory in older adults Chamberlain, J. D., Sprague, B. N., & Ross, L. A. (accepted). Age- and...