eBRAIN Meetings

Journal Clubs

Meeting dates for the epiBrain journal club, Data Science Topics, and Science Blitz can be found below.

Summer Roundtables 2020

Discussions involving faculty outside of our field on a specific topic that is new to us. We typically read more than one paper for each meeting, and it is overall a way to be exposed to a new topic.  More specifically the process of developing biomarkers for prognostic diagnostic value using population based evidence will be reviewed. 

There are no upcoming events at this time.


epiBrain Journal Club

Data Science Topics: Competing Risks

Science Blitz

Exercises on fast, efficient, on-your-feet interpretation of tables and figures. Trainees are given 2-3 minutes to study selected sections of a published paper: abstract with background and methods (not the results or discussion), tables, figures. they are asked to fill out the missing parts.  

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